Door lock actuators for BMW E46

Sedan, Wagon (Touring) up to 09/2000
51217011305 Front Driver's Side (Left)
51217011306 Front Driver's Side (Right - RHD)
51217011307 Front Passenger Side (Left - RHD)
51217011308 Front Passenger Side (Right)
51227011309 Rear Left
51227011310 Rear Right

Sedan, Wagon (Touring) from 09/2000, Swivel handle
51217011241 Front Driver's Side (Left)
51217011242 Front Driver's Side (Right - RHD)
51217011243 Front Passenger Side (Left - RHD)
51217011244 Front Passenger Side (Right)
51227011245 Rear Left
51227011246 Rear Right

Coupe & Convertible up to 09/2000
51218208711 Driver's Side (Left)
51218208712 Driver's Side (Right - RHD)
51218208715 Passenger Side (Left - RHD)
51218208716 Passenger Side (Right)

Coupe & Convertible from 09/2000, Swivel handle
51217011247 Driver's Side (Left)
51217011248 Driver's Side (Right - RHD)
51217011249 Passenger Side (Left - RHD)
51217011250 Passenger Side (Right)

Remember the US is LHD-Left Hand Drive. Australia, Japan, U.K. are RHD. seem to have the best price on actuators. Last time I checked they were $158.62. had them for $170.32 and Pelican parts has them for $199.00

I've known the actuator on my 99 323i was going out for a long time. I finally got around to doing the replacement and starter a web page on how to do it. It's not done, but, here is the start of it. E46 Door Lock Actuator Replacement Sorry it's not done so skip to the bottom of this page for DIYs that I've found on the various BMW forums.


I finally got the think cracked open. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy.

One of the motors is for the double lock and one is for the single lock. I haven't figured out which is which yet. The connections from the connector to the motors is molded into the plastic. The motors pop right off two metal terminals sticking up out of the plastic. I looked all over for the hall effect sensors that detect the lock cylinder position, but, sold not find them. I think they are molded into the plastic.

Actuator Pinout

Motor, Lock
Motor, Secure Lock
Not Used
Motor, Unlock (Common)
Signal from key position sensor - Unlock
Signal from key position sensor - Lock
Signal from door open sensor

E46 Front Passenger Door

There is a DIY for replacing the front actuator on a coupe here on thread 242785

And another for replacing the actuator
Here is a DIY for replacing the lock cylinder

Solution - remove two nuts on top and bottom of window track and take E8 socket (T-30 torx female socket) and loosen the rear window mount - this bolt is reverse thread (turn clockwise to loosen). This allows the bottom of the window track to be pushed forward allowing just enough space to remove and reinstall new lock mechanism - can be done!

Before closing the door with the new actuator you need to perform the adjustment for the release handle and test the mechanism.