BMW Instrument Cluster Backlight Color Change

Change the color of the instrument cluster backlight. Update the color of your dash from boring orange to modern looking white or blue or just about any color you want.

Send in your instrument cluster and $45 plus $22 return shipping within the US or $50 for return shipping outside the US. I'll change the color of your gauges to white or blue. This does not include changing the backlight color of the LCD screens. Below is a picture of what it would look like. The LCD screen has a orange tint on it which can not be changed, therefore changing the color of the backlight is not recommended and not really possible. If interested contact me at

Please note you should avoid driving the car without the instrument cluster installed. If you need to, you can, but, absolutely don't drive more than 200km. If the odometer in the cluster and the odometer in the light module are off by more than 200km it may cause the mileage tamper dot to come one.

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