BMW & Mini Key Fob Repair

This is not a key fob battery replacement service! This is a key fob repair service for keys that no longer start the engine and remotes that no longer work. If the cause of the non working key fob is a bad battery then the battery will be replaced, but, more than 90% of the keys I get in for repair have perfectly fine batteries.

Cost and any other components including the push button switches, again, if necessary and then testing the key to make sure it works and will sync with a properly working car. If there is a problem with the FZV antenna amp, ignition switch, K/I-bus or general module in your car then a perfectly good key may not sync. Resync procedure. If the key fob remote function does not function properly and the key has never been cut open I will repair it for $60 including return shipping within the US or $75 if you are outside the US. If the key has already been cut open then add $15. If the key has already been cut open and the original battery ruined then add another $10. Why the extra fee? Simple, because I get a lot of keys that are in really bad shape (key fob wall of shame) and I should charge a lot more for some and less for others If you already bought the VL2020 battery from me on eBay and it hasn't been touched (my user ID is BMWGM5) then send it back with the key and deduct $8 from the repair cost. If interested please contact me at or call me at 310-283-4273 (DO NOT text me), if I don't answer then send me an email. Instructions for sending the key in are located here. When sending the remote make a note with your return address and a brief description of the issues with it.

BMW keys

Mini Cooper keys repaired too

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