My Repair Service Testimonials

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Scott got the gm5 installed and it is functioning perfectly. Thanks so much for the amazing service. -Porus M. 2013-05-11

GM3 Repair - All works well. Thank you.  To bad you don't fix ohter BMW parts -Gary W. 2013-05-11

Thanks worked great. -William H. 2013-05-10

Scott, received, installed and all is well.  Thank you again for your prompt service and repair. -Gerry L. 2013-05-08

Key Fob Repair - Just wanted to say "thanks!"  Got my key out of the mailbox a few minutes ago, followed your EXCELLENT directions and I'm all set again. -Scott S. 2013-05-04

Key Fob Repair - Got the key back today.  Works great! Thanks for your help. -Kirk B. 2013-05-03

Thanks!  The package arrived on Thursday and I successfully installed it and now the door locks work properly. -Tony R. 2013-04-27

Scott - Got the part in the mail today (Monday). installed in several minutes and it works perfectly. Thank you very much.  Between that and the new actuator I should be good to go for a while. -Bruce R. 2013-04-22

I was wanted to drop you a note to say thanks again for helping me out concerning my Gm5 Module.  I put it back together and the weather immediately turned cold so I haven't a chance to see it work in conditions where it didn't work before, but I won't have to worry about it any more. -Brent F. 2013-04-10

Thank you, thank you!!! Door locks work perfect. Add me to your satisfied customer list. -Brent Y. 2013-04-23

Key Fob Repair - Thanx for fixing my key and getting it returned so quickly. It arrived in Bellingham by Noon on Saturday, but I was unable to pick it up until today. The key functions normally for all buttons, and the vehicle started without having to re-synch the fob. Nice piece of work and you saved me several hundred dollars. Pleasure doing business with you... -Bob G. 2013-03-25

Key Fob Repair - I received the key today. I synced both keys and everything works great. So nice to have a key that works like it is suppose to. Thank you, -Tom W 2013-03-04

I reinstalled the GM5. So far the door locks are working good. Thank You for the fix. -Thong N.2013-03-02

I only included the $100 check. WOW! I'm just blown away at your quick service. I've conducted business with a bunch of people and believe you're the only person who has responded to my emails quickly and efficiently with all the details I needed - without the need for me to ask for them in the first place. -Philip T. 2013-03-01

I'm sure you hear positive feedback all the time, but I have been dealing with my intermittent door not-unlocking issue for years. Since 2002 I think, altho seemed more frequent in recent times. I cannot tell you how nervous I was when putting the general module back in. It has been only a week and a half, but everything works great so far, and I feel like this was the best investment I have made in years. I had been looking at your website probably since I think 2006 or so, trying to get my life in order enough to take out my general module and send it to you. I will be an evangelizer of your good works for life. thanks so much. -Han C. 2013-02-19

GM3 Repair - Scott - I received the module back yesterday - Put it in and so far it is working perfectly - Thanks - Would you like for me to write a testimonial? -Clifford S. 2013-02-12

Wanted to follow up. I installed the GM5 without any problems and everything appears to be working perfectly.  Many thanks for your service.  If this holds up, you've helped me save a bunch of cash. Much appreciated. -Shawn P. 2013-02-10

Free advice - Just wanted to say thanks - your expertise pinpointed the problem, and replacing the whole actuator fixed it! -Tim M. 2013-02-10

I just reinstalled my module and so far my locks work!  Thanks for your help. -Terry S. 2013-01-16

Free advice - Thank you for the tip.  FYI, the first result in Google on a search for e46 FZV is a thread saying what a great job you did. -John K. 2013-01-09

thanks for your work... I put the module back in on Saturday and so far it's working great! -Sunil 2013-01-07

Received the GM5 yesterday. Reinstalled it within 5 minutes and it is working great. Appreciate your fast service. Definition recommend you to other BMW drivers here in San Antonio and Fort Hood area. -Joseph S. 2013-01-04

Scott, I just received the module and got it in the car, everythings working great! Can't thank you enough. I work on BMWs so if a customer comes in with the same complaint I will definitely refer him to you. You're the best bro. Thanks again -Rob P. 2012-12-19

Key Fob & GM5 Repair - Wow! I was surprised to receive the GM5 and key today. Put the module in and programmed the keys, and all is GOOD! Thanks for sending them Express mail. It was really nice to get it all taken care of today. I really appreciate it. -Bruce F. 2012-12-15

Module's reinstalled and seems to be working well. -Jason B. 2012-12-13

GM3 Repair - Thank you very much for fixing my General Module (GM3 from '03 540i)....It works great. (all buttons and lights work...) -Kent W. 2012-12-12

I received the module on Saturday and installed it the same day. Everything works fine. Thank you so much for this service, and the 1 year guarantee! You did everything exactly as advertised, answered all my questions, and were very professional throughout the entire transaction. I wish everyone I dealt with was this good. -Mike C. 2012-12-10

Success!!  Reinstalled the GM5 and the locks work as they should.  I will give your card to the owner of the independent BMW shop I use (Bavarian Auto Haus in Reno, Nevada). -Pete B. 2012-11-13

Key Fob Repair - WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!! Thx -Paul 2012-11-11

Module received, it's back in the car and everything works. Thank you very much! -Dave G. 2012-11-11

I got the box back on Monday. I was able to install it Tuesday evening. It works great. I did discover that the fuel filler door lock does not work. It seems to be trying to actuate but it won't and doesn't seem to affect anything else. There is no telling how long it hasn't worked. That really doesn't concern me unless it would cause damage to the GM5. All the other functions work fine. Thanks for your work. I appreciate how quickly I got it back and the money savings. -Barron M. 2012-11-10

Thanks... great to have the lock working again. -Mark J. 2012-10-30

Thanks you again for the prompt, courteous service. -Andy H. 2012-10-29

My remote key and factory alarm even work. Something I never had with this car.....

GM3 Repair - My thanks to you. Installed the repaired module and all is working perfectly. Most of all... my wife is happy. -Neil R. 2012-10-03

GM3 Repair - Just wanted to let you know that I recieved the GM3 yesterday and installed it last night. Everything is working perfect. Thanks very much for offering this service, it was a pleasure doing business with you. -Mike V. 2012-10-03

Key Fob Repair - thank you for changing the batteries on both keys of my 2003 bmw 325xi . They work like new. -Ashee B. 2012-10-01 (First key needed a new battery because you messed it up and it had to be replaced. The second key didn't need a new battery, it was fine. I repaired broken connections that caused it to not work)

Received the unit and installed it last Sat. Initially the door locks were a bit sticky, but now seem to be alright. And, the rear window now works. -Steven V. 2012-09-21

GM3 Repair - It's a pleasure doing business with you. Walked me through the process A to Z. Everything works like new. Best Regards! - Tod D. 2012-09-28

GM3 Repair - I received the GM3 module you repaired on 09/22/2012 and installed it on 09/24/2012. It works great. I find it refreshing to find someone who can actually repair BMW electronic components reasonably rather than just installing expensive replacements. I will certainly recommend your services to others. -Carl W. 2012-09-28

Key Fob Repair - received it today - works perfectly - thanks for your help! -Jonathan B. 2012-09-13

I received the module on Monday but did not have time to install it until today. It works perfectly. I am very pleased. Thanks for the awesome service you provided. -Linh N. 2012-09-12

I received my GM5 module back from you earlier today and re-installed it back into my car by your instructions. The module works like a champ now. I am very happy to finally be able to get into my BMW from any door. I would just like to thank you for your efforts in fixing my module with such a fast turn around. I will be sure to let anyone know about your services if I ever run across someone with this problem. -Michael R. 2012-09-12

Key Fob Repair - Thank you for repairing my keys. Sorry I didn’t email you earlier, I’ve had some issues with my email that I had to change it. I’ll keep your email and site handy in case for future use, I’ll also spread the word to friends about you. Thanks again, -Edison G. 2012-09-12

Received the package, put the GM5 back, and my right door got unlocked. Thanks very much!!! The actuator on the right door is bad but everything else works now. Thanks again, -Alex B. 2012-09-10

Hi Scott, got the GM5 module back, good service, works, good price, good timing, Thanks. -Wolfgang 2012-09-07

Key Fob Repair - Received my key from you today, works perfect. Thanks for the quick return, if you need any feedback on your work and speed of repair please let me know, be glad to recommend. Thanks again, -Tim T.2012-09-04

Thanks Scott, received the unit and now the locks work flawlessly, will definitely recommend your services to anyone I hear having the same issue. Is there a yelp page or somewhere I can provide a review? -Ken W. 2012-09-04

Scott, I got my electronic module back this AM. The repair worked perfectly and my car is back to running properly. I just wanted to thank you for your helpful internet page, the thorough directions on how to remove and replace the module to send, your email support, and mostly for your extremely efficient and prompt repair. Again, want to thank you for all of your help. You have no idea how much trouble this issue was for my wife. It was never fixed by all of the mechanics that kept replacing the actuator only to have the problem come back in a week or two. Gratefully, -Arve G. 2012-07-27

A million thanks for your repair service! I just put the module in and all works great. Your website is unbelievably informative, your turnaround is fast, and your service is fantastic...awesome job and I'm happy I discovered your website! -Paul L. 2012-07-13

Key Fob Repair - Just a final courtesy note to let you know that I received my key back from you yesterday. I was immediately able to start the car with the key – and had several attempts to resync the central locking, which also finally worked. -Paul L. 2012-07-12

Key Fob Repair - I received my key today, programmed it, and is now working. Thank you very much. -Fanuel O. 2012-07-06

Got the module back today, popped it in and it works great. Thanks. -Jerry V. 2012-06-27

Thanks. Got it this evening, installed, everything works great now including the previously misbehaving locks. Thank you very much for your prompt service! -Patrick L. 2012-06-22

I wanted to thank you for the quick repair. Looks like a pro did it and works like a pro did it... -Chris G. 2012-05-31

Yup! Came in the mail today (GM5). Put it in and everything works great! Thanks for your help... -David C. 2012-05-21

Thank you for the incredible turn around and helping me solve these issues. Gm5 worked great when we re installed it back into the car, you were also right about the wires in the trunk of the e39. I really appreciate all your help. -Aaron T. 2012-05-21

Got it back Wed. Very fast. I sent it from VA on Monday and back and fixed on Wed! Installed it today and the door locks work great now! Many thanks for your help. -Greg S. 2012-05-03

I re-installed the my GM5 and my driver side window now works perfectly! Thanks for your service and the quick turn around! -Mike R. 2012-04-15

Thanks, we got the module back and installed and everything works again. Best regards. -Glen K. 2012-04-05

Scott, I'm impressed... the module works perfectly and you got it back so fast. Fantastic! -Ron R. 2012-04-02

Installed and works perfectly. Extremely pleased. Thank you. -Rich D. 2012-03-29

just a note to say thanks. it's been in about a month and working great. -David D. 2012-03-26

Received the module back yesterday. Got it re-installed and tested out. Everything works out fantastic! Thank you for the quick turnaround. This saved me quite a bit of money. I will definitely recommend your service to other BMW owners I talk to. -Robert J. 2012-03-24

Key Fob Repair - Just wanted to extended my BIG THANK YOU for working with me on fixing my keyfob. It worked perfectly. And your turn around was impeccable. I'll contact you when I'm ready to do the next one. -Charlie L. 2012-03-19

Just wanted you to know that I reinstalled my repaired GM5 and my driver's side door lock now unlocks as it should! It's amazing how the GM5 relay repair made all the difference. I really appreciate the truly express service, especially since the total turn around time was all of 3 days (from NC to CA and back). I've recommended your service to all the E46 owners I know so hopefully you'll be receiving a few more modules to repair in the near future. Again, I really appreciate the great job you did. Thank you! -Kevin B. 2012-03-13

Got it and installed everything works great!!! Thanks! -Kyle G. 2012-03-13

GM3 Repair - I received the module and was able to put it into the car yesterday. After programming the key... IT WORKS!! Awesome.. thank you so much, you saved me a ton of $ from the dealer. I will give you credit on the forums. -David K. 2012-02-24

I received yesterday the GM5 module. It worked perfectly !! No more problems with the door locks. My wife is very happy because she won't have to jump from her seat to mine in order to exit from the car. Thanks for the excellent service, I saved around 700 USD in comparison with the repair through the dealer. -Juan V. Monterrey Mexico 2012-01-18

I put the module in last night and all functions appear to work. Doors lock and unlock, windshield wipers work, all windows go up and down. I don't know what else to check. Thank you for the quick turnaround. I didn't expect it back that quick. If you have someone who is stuck in the Wash DC area I can at least provide guidance on how to get the module in and out. Your instructions were very good. I also changed the FSR (fan speed controller) when I was in that passenger area as you have to take the glove box out for that as well. -Larry E. 2011-12-10

Thanks for the excellent service, I saved around 700 USD in comparison with the repair through the dealer.

I got the control unit back today and installed it. Everything seems to be working FINE! Thanks Scott!! -Apex Vintage, Inc. 2011-11-15

Received the repaired GM5 module yesterday, installed it today, and it is working great now in my Z4 roadster. Thanks for a job well done. -John 2011-11-08

Thanks for the fast service and return shipping on the module. My door lock woes are over. Thanks a million times. -Larry W. 2003 Z4 2011-11-01

Received the repaired GM5 today. Works perfectly. Thanks for your help. We'll do business again, I'm sure. -Ty C. @ Autosport Performance, NJ, 2003 Z4 2011-10-27

I received the module today and installed it this evening. It’s working great. Thanks again! -Joey E. from Canada 2011-10-07

Thank you for the great service and for all the great information on your web sit, we need more guys like you, thank you again for your service and honesty. GM 5 unit from a BMW 325i 2004, Scott found no problems with unit and return 70% of payment back to my account. That's what I call service! -Alex A. 2011-10-05 I refunded all but the diagnostic fee since no repair was necessary.

I got the module in the mail today. I just installed it and everything works great! Thanks for the tremendous service! -Steve B. 2011-10-05

all is good now your work is 5 star -Eddie G. 2011-10-01

Scott, My lock’s are working again ! Thank you so much for fixing my Module and helping me save a ton of money. Take care. -Michael S. 2011-10-03

Got it [repaired GM5 module], it’s working great. -Patrick C. 2011-09-29

Got it Friday, put it in Friday and reassemble everything. It seems to work fine now. Thanks for your work and attention to detail. -Thomas E. 2011-09-07

I installed it on Thursday. So far it works like a champ!!! Thanks so much! -Matt T. 2011-09-03

GM3 Repair - Got it back, everything is working, you are super-seriously... -Cenk T. 2011-08-19

I received the GM5 in the mail today and we reinstalled it in the car and everything works beautifully. Thank you very much for your work helping me get my car going again and I am very happy that you took the trouble to set up that website to help us fellow Bimmer owners. -Thomas H. 2011-08-18

It's been a couple weeks now and the repair you did to my GM5 is rock solid ... the door locks have not missed a beat since. I thank you for the quick turnaround and would be happy to write you a testimonial if you would like. I'm also grateful that you do business outside of the USA as you would be surprised at how many folks that don't service Canadian customers. -Kelly R. 2011-08-12

Thank you, I just re-installed the module and it works perfectly, the door locking issue went away! I reprogrammed the key and while before I had about a 5 foot range, now it is at least 15 (didn't try further). -Ryan D. 2011-08-12 Key fob range increase is not because of GM5 repair, but, because he sent his key fob in for repair at the same time. S.J.

Received and re-installed the module. Everything works great! Thanks a lot for your help; you saved me $650! -Yuriy S. 2011-08-06

GM3 Repair - Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that I received the GM3 unit today, installed it without a hitch and it works beautifully. Key fob, center console lock, and dome lights are all back in working order again! Thanks for the prompt service and great communication - you're worth all that and more! -David K. 2011-08-03

GM3 Repair - All perfect.module work.thanks a lot. Good day. -Artjoms I. 2011-07-21

GM3 Repair - Many thanks for the fast service! Build in the module yesterday and everything works again. - Gerben I. from The Netherlands 2011-07-05

Key Fob Repair - Got the key, resync'd it, and all works fine. Thanks so much for the awesome service. With your permission I'd like to spread the word about you in the forums. Continue the good work and you will be blessed. -Tyson P 2011-07-02


Hey Scott, I just received and installed the module today and wanted to say thanks again my door locks work excellently once again Keep up the good work -Erick V. 2011-06-20

Everything worked fine. I appreciate your help. -Dominck Z. 2011-06-12

Scott - got my module back today, installed it and all is working correctly. Thanks again for completing the repair and shipping in such a professional manner. It saved me some serious $ vs. taking to the dealer. If you ever need another positive testimonial, I will be glad to provide one. Thanks again, -Randy B. 2011-06-11

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my mother and myself. I swapped in the repaired GM5 and all is well. Thanks Again, Noel L. 2011-06-11

Just installed the GM5 that you fixed in my car and all is running well again. You have another very happy and satisfied customer!!!!! -Ralph P 2011-06-10

I just got back my gm5, so far so good on the unlocking/locking. I appreciate the hard working effort. -Eugene 2011-06-03

Key Fob Repair - Scott, I got the key and reprogrammed works perfectly!!!!....I will send anyone with key issues your way...thank you so much!!!!...regards, Noel 2011-05-24

Thans for the work. So far the locks are working. :) -Rob W. 2011-05-06

Works like charm Thanks for saving the day -Ruben R. 2011-04-30

Scott, I installed it this afternoon and everything works. It was very intermittent before especially in hot weather. -Mitchell F. 2011-03-10

Thanks a lot for your web site and your service. you saved me a ton of money. I will tell my friend about you if they have the same problem with there GM5 module. -Justin G. 2010-12-21

Aloha Scott, I received my GM5 on Saturday and installed it. It works like a CHARM! Thanks so much for your service to Bimmer owners and I’m very grateful for the hours you spent to share your work on the web. -Noel M. 2010-12-21

Just wanted to give a quick update on the GM5 that I had repaired. I received it back the day after Labor Day but wanted to put a few miles on it before reporting back. It's been almost two months now since it's been back and it's been problem free. We had quite a few warm days after I installed it and it has not skipped a beat. All I can really say is thank you. You saved me well over $1000 and possibly selling my car which I enjoy very much! -Richard 2010-10-27

Got the package on Friday and installed it. Everything is working well! I'm just holding my breath for a couple of weeks before I am completely convinced. Thanks a bunch! -Victor C. 2010-10-05

Hey man just got the module. Put it in and it works like a charm. Just wanted to say thanks! -David H. 2010-09-30

Scott- my locks are back to fully operational. Thanks for the brilliant work and smooth shipping process! -Brian V. 2010-09-27

Just reinstalled the GM5 and it works like a charm. Thanks. -Larry B 2010-09-26

I just reinstalled it and guess what? It worked flawlessly. thanks, you're a genius! -Daniel N. 2010-09-04

Thanks Scott for the quick turnaround. We got it installed in time for our family beach vacation. Everything is working perfectly now! -Angie & Will 2010-08-03

Hey Scott this is Jody A., just received my module back this afternoon. I installed it and everything worked great. Just wanted to say thanks....this has drove me crazy for a few has saved me a ton of money not having to bring it to the BMW dealership. They kept telling me it was the actuator and I was certain it wasn't. The 120.00 was well worth it....I just wanted to say THANKS again you are a life saver! -Jody A. 2010/07/23

I reinstalled the module last night and everything is working perfectly! Thank you so much for your ingenuinty and sharing of your fix for this BMW issue. I have not driven my BMW since January because of the annoying door lock problem. Thanks again for your help! Best wishes to you. -Tom T. 2010-07-23

Just a note to let you know everything works and thanks for the quick turnaround. Looks like you actually repaired and sent my GM5 back the same day you received it. Best value I've ever had paying someone else to work on my car. -Steve 2010-07-19

just thought i would let you know that the fix works great! -Andrew M. 2010-07-18

It's 95 degrees today and it works like a champ. Thanks! -David S. 2010-06-24

Thank you for solving the problem of my car. I would say that everything is functioning normally. Thank you and sorry for any event. Your truly. -Alexander P. 2010-06-20

Got it last night, installed, eveyrthing worked when I tested last night, and on the way to work this morning. Not enough data to conclude the intermittent problems are gone for good, but so far it looks like the fix worked! -Alex F. 2010/06/17

The unit arrived today and worked like a charm. Thanks very much for the great service. -Gary P. 2010-05-09

Thanks for offering this service, and for the quick turnaround. The module is back in the car, and working fine so far. -Michael S. 2010-05-08

Thank you so very much! I can actually lock and unlock my car...imagine that! I am so grateful that I found you online, and that you were able to help in such a speedy manner. Thank you for everything! -Tricia H. 2010/04/15

Thanks.You are the Man. Great job today you made me look like a hero. Will be getting the word out down here in the OC. Once again thanks. -David K. 2010-04-02

Thanks Scott! It's installed and I have functioning locks again. Thanks for the good work and quick turnaround. -Frank V. 2010/04/01

Thank you very much! The module has arrived and the locks are working. You solved quite a big trouble for me. -Gabriella (in Finland) 2010/03/23

Hi Scott, Let me start by saying thanks a million. Your repair time was super fast and the module works like a charm. Thanks again. I will definately recommend you to anyone having similar problems with there Bimmer here in Jamaica -Errol 2010/03/14

Received the module today, installed back on the car and doors work! Thanks for getting is repaired, and hope you can continue to do this. -James 2010/03/13

I wanted to say thanks. I got the module on Saturday and I installed it today. The rear vent window now works. Thank you very much for the quick shipment and service. I will post something on the (forum post) telling about your great service and a brief description of my problem. Maybe you can get some more business. thx -Daniel C. 2010/02/28

Forgot to say thanks for the repair - things are working great!! Also, that shipping was fast - I think it only took a day. I don't think I've ever got anything back from the US that fast (he's in Australia). By the way - you could easily be charging $200+ for this service ;) .. considering what the dealers are trying to do to people.... i'd like to see bmw issue this as an official recall....but....probably too late on these models. Thanks again, -James V. 2010-02-16

Scott, Got the module back, installed it .. problem solved! Thank you so much for saving me hundreds of dollars. You are a good man. What you do helps others. May God bless you for your kindness. Again, Thank You. -Scott 2010-01-13

I just re-installed my GM5 today, and everything is back to normal with my car. So great to have lockable doors again! Thanks for fixing the module, and for getting it back to me so quickly. I am very satisfied with the whole experience. Feel free to quote me on your testimonials page; I'd gladly recommend your service to others. -Matt G. 2009-12-27

Scott, The service you have provided has been superb. Everything about the process was exactly as described in detail on your website. Your commitment to turning around the repair the following day was honoured. I inspected the new relays on receipt and the quality of the solder work is faultless. I believe you offer a genuine magnanimous service for a very generous fee and I thoroughly recommend it to everyone experiencing GM5-related central locking problems. I’m very glad I decided to ship the module to you rather than investing in the soldering kit I would have needed. You have saved me around £400 in purchasing and configuring a new module – greatly appreciated and very highly recommended. -Nick 2009-12-14

Scott - received the unit back this evening - just put it all back together and everything seems to be working as normal. Great service, much appreciated, Thanks again, Cheers. -Ciaran.

It's installed, and the doors seem to be working fine! The "difficult to unlock" problem is also gone, as we had hoped. Thank you very much for offering your service! I'll recommend you to anyone else with the same symptoms! It's very nice to be able to restore some of the luxury features of this car without having to pay huge dollars. -James M. 2009-11-06

I just wanted to thank you again for the relay replacements on my GM5 module. It's been back in my car for about two weeks now and I haven't had an unlock problem with the passenger doors since! Great work! -Shane 2009/11/02

Scott- Thanks for the fantastic service. The GM is installed and working correctly. Again, many thanks. Now that I have found you I will send out all my GM’s on all my preowned BMW’s I have for sale. -Nick 2009/11/09

Module back in place and everything seems to be working fine. I bet this does the trick. Thanks for a great service! Your instructions were great. The only area where I was puzzled for a while was in removing the connectors from the module, it wasn't immediately obvious how to unhook the large black one on the right. -David 2009-10-23

Scott, Thankyou for the quick service. I recieved it Friday and put it in and is working great.. -Kent W. 2009-10-18

Part received and installed today. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for the quick turn around and the great service. -Michael 2009/10/17

All is working well. Thank you. -Ping 2009/09/26

Hey, yesterday I got the package and took my car to the mechanic and they install it. They also program my key. The module is working perfectly!! I really appreciate your help!!! Thank you very much. -Gustavo 2009/09/25

Got the unit back and it works great! Thanks very much for an outstanding job and great service!!!!!! -Tom 2009/09/23

Thank you for the door relay repair for my GM5 module - it fixed the passenger door locking problems and saved me tons of $$. You provide a very unique, and greatly appreciated, service. -Burl 2009/09/18

I received the module yesterday and installed it last night. So far so good. Thanks for the quick turnaround! -Troy 2009/09/15

It works like a charm! Thanks a lot! You saved me at least $700, I was quoted $800 to replace main unit at the dealership. And I still can't belive how quickly I got it back. You got it on Saturday and shipped back the same day(!!!), wow! I got it back today (Tuesday), probably would get it even sooner if it wasn't for the labor day weekend. I've already installed it and it works just fine. Installation instructions are exellent, had no problems at all. I would recomend you services to everyone. Feel free to post my letter on your site and count me as just yet another happy customer. Thanks again. -Vadim 2009/09/08

My GM5 unit arrived Saturday. I got it installed back into our wagon this morning. Everything works great now. I also think this may have fixed a lock/unlock issue I was having with the back glass on the wagon. Thanks again for getting it turned around and back to me so quickly. -Michael 2009/09/07

Wow! Count me as another very happy customer of your relay service. The quick turnaround was awesome and the door locks now work perfectly!!! Thanks!! -Jon 2009/08/23

Got the module yesterday and installed - it works perfectly! Super service!-Ken 2009/08/21

Just wanted to say thanks for the great service. I got back into town and the module was waiting for me. I now have working locks and it is wonderful. -Chris 2009/08/04

2+ weeks of not having passengers climb through the drivers seat! All seems well. Thanks for your help! -Andy 2009/08/03

IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much Scott! -Derek 2009/07/26

Scott, success, its works great locks and unlocks with the remote and inside with the central lock. Thanks again. -Milt 2009/07/28

THanks so much!!!! Everything works great now. -Jimmy 2009/07/22

I had a chance to get my module reinstalled today and the locks are working perfectly again. Thanks again for your expertise and exceptional service. -Mike 2009/07/11

Received the GM5 this afternoon; it works flawlessly. Thanks for the quick turnaround and great service. 5 stars. -Tony 2009/07/09

Thanks for the quick turn. Installed and works great! I appreciate your phone advice, and professional timely service! -George 2009/06/22

I have recieved the box and everything works great. -Niklas 2009/06/08

Thank you for your excellent service. -Buck 2009/06/05

Received the GM today, installed it and everything works great. Hopefully I won't need your services again in the near future, but if so, I know where to find you. Thanks again. You saved me $$!
-Michael 2009/06/03

I received the module and installed it and it is working great. I wanted to thank you for a quick and professional job. -Alan 2009/05/27

Since I put my GM5 back in my car I have had no problems. Thanks a million. -Phillip 2009/05/03

i reinstalled the GM5 and everything works. i'm elated!!! thanks again. -Aizad 2009/04/21

Module arrived today and is back in my car. Everything seems to be working fine. Thanks again for your skilled craftsmanship, very quick turnround and for saving me from the dreaded BMW main agent. -Stuart 2009/04/07

Got the module installed and everything seems to be working properly. Thanks for all the help and I'll refer any fellow owners with these issues to you. -Andrew M. 2009/03/26

Rcvd the module yesterday. Installed within 10 minutes and everything works 100%! Stuff that didn't work before, like pulling the door handle to unlock a door, inside unlock/lock button, now work! Thank you for the repair and a smooth and trust worthy transaction. If you need a reference for future repairs, I'll be more than happy to provide one. -Lou 2008/10/25