Looking for front window relays for your BMW GM3, GM4 or GM5 module?
These relays are P/N: V23078-C1002-A303 and made by Siemens

Can be purchased from me on eBay user id BMWGM5

These are the relays used to control the front windows in cars that use the GM4 (ZKE4, GMIV), GM5 (ZKE 5) module. These cars include the E46 (3-series), E85 (Z4), E83 (X3) and E52 (Z8). It is also used in the GM3 (ZKE III) module to control the rear windows and rear door locks. The GM3 is used in the E38 (7-series), the E39 (5-series) and the E52 (X5). It is also used in the Relay Module 4 (RMIV) on E36 3-series.
What's this E-number business? Not sure what your car is? Check out the excellent BMW timeline at the bottom of this page on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_E85

Every GM5 module that I've worked on or seen has used this relay for the front windows. It doesn't seem to matter if the car is for the US, UK, etc, markets.

The GM5 is located behind the glove box in a white plastic module holder. Someone on the net made a really good "How To" on removing the GM5 from the car. You can download it here, GM5 Removal Procedure. I don't know who the author is, but, I want to give him credit for taking the time to create this How To. I created my own how to remove the GM5 module which you can find here My GM5 Removal Procedure.

Which relay controls what windows. Being the curious person I am, while my GM5 was going in and out of my car for testing of the door lock issue I decided to figure out what the other relays did. I wired up little LEDs in parallel with the relay coils and started rolling my windows up and down. These relays are doubles so each relay has two functions. See the picture below. The large relays are for the front windows and the smaller relays are for the rear windows. BTW the smaller relays, V23084-C2001-A303 are the same as those used on the door locks, so if you need a pair of those click on the part number and it will take you to my information page. On 2 door coupes these relays are sometimes not installed.

Relay Diagram

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What to do next?
If you want to send in your body control module for repair let me know. Contact me via email at scott@bmwgm5.com or call me. My number is 310-283-4273 my phone is not working right now so email me instead to check my schedule and arrange the repair. I keep an auction running for these relays. You can find me by searching for my User ID: BMWGM5. I am a Top-rated seller with over 1923 feedback score and 99.7% positive.

What's the turn around time?
I you paid for Express Mail next day return shipping I try my best to ship the modules back the same day I receive them. So, if you ship it to me next day air I will do the repair within hours of receiving it and get it to the post office before the 4pm Express Mail deadline. In this case door to door turn around time is about 48 hours. If you paid for Priority Mail return shipping, I will repair it and ship it back within 24 hours. All repairs will be done at an antistatic workstation by a competant tech. Unfortunately I won't be able to test it out after the repair, but, I will clean it and carefully inspect it under a microscope to verify that it was done correctly.

I want to do it myself and just need the relays.
I will sell them to you, but, I don't recommend doing this job yourself unless you are a competant solderer. The relays are very hard to get out due to the large copper area on the component side of the board and the use of lead free solder which has a higher melting point than the old tin-lead solder. Forget about trying to use solder wick. This is not an easy job and you risk damaging the board, plated through holes and having to replace the entire module at significant expense.

Other Options:
Don't want to get your GM5 module repaired? You could go to the dealer and buy a new one. They're about $550-$700 plus $120/hour for labor. There is also Bavarian Auto Recycling, they have used GM5 modules for sale for 52-85% off the current BMW list price, but, remember these are pulls from cars being parted out. You have no idea how much life is left in these relays and they may fail at any time. Plus the dealer will have to program it to correctly work in your car.

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