Instructions for replacing the door lock cylinder

Last updated May 2, 2019

The lock cylinder can be ordered from your local BMW dealer. You will need to bring in your car registration and ID that matches to show that you own the car. The lock cylinder is made to your cars original set of keys which they look up based on your VIN.

Below are some parts numbers I found on for the lock cylinder. According to pictures on the ECS Tuning web site it seems like the CATCH WITH KEY CODE version is with the lock cylinder only and CATCH WITH KEY version is the lock cylinder with a pair of full service (non remote) keys. The former says Coded and the latter says Uncoded so I think the one to get is the CATCH WITH KEY CODE. The prices are the same so I'm not sure if it really comes with a pair of keys. LEFT for left hand drive cars (U.S., Canada, etc.) and RIGHT for right hand drive cars (U.K., Australia, Japan etc.) For the 2001 model year the door handles changed. Up to 09/2000 cars have a door handle that pulls straight out. From 09/2000 cars have door handles that swivel up a little bit when pulled. Make sure you get the right one. The lock cylinders are not interchangeable.

CATCH WITH KEY CODE LEFT up to 09/2000 P/N 51218244049
CATCH WITH KEY CODE RIGHT up to 09/2000 P/N 51218244050
CATCH WITH KEY LEFT up to 09/2000 P/N 51218244051
CATCH WITH KEY RIGHT up to 09/2000 P/N 51218244052

CATCH WITH KEY CODE LEFT from 09/2000 P/N 51217019973
CATCH WITH KEY LEFT from 09/2000 P/N 51217019975

These instructions are for removing and installing the door lock cylinder on a up to 09/2000 E46 4-dr. It probably applies to may other cars, but, beware there may be differences.

1) Open the door and remove the oval cover with a small flat blade screwdriver.

2) Using a 3/16" hex wrench loosen the lock cylinder retaining screw about 10-11 turns. If you loosen it too much it might come out and fall to the bottom of the door.

3) Insert a key and turn it slightly then pull straight out. If it doesn't come out you might need to loosen the retaining screw another turn.

4) Once the lock is removed look down the hole. You'll see a white screw. Insert a wide flat blade screwdriver and turn it back back and forth so that it sitting in the detent. The slots should be align perfectly horizontal and vertical.

5) Install the new lock cylinder making sure it fits flush against the rubber gasket then tighten the retaining screw with a 3/16 hex wrench. There is no need to tighten it too tight.

I repair the lock cylinder for $50 including return shipping within the US. If interested contact me at and tell me the car (model year and body style) and what the problem is. It's possible the problem isn't the lock cylinder.

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