BMW Key Fob Wall of Shame
Below are pictures of keys that have been send in for repair recently that customers have attempted to repair the key themselves and failed miserably.
Last updated October 25, 2014

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Lately a lot of people have been complaining that the key no longer starts the car after replacing the battery. The battery is NOT needed to start the car. That is a completely different part of the key called the EWS and is comprised of a bar with ultra fine wire wrapped around it and a 8-pin chip. If you nick the wire and break a strand, that's it, the key will no longer start the car. If you cut open your key you risk damaging the EWS components. Here is an example of a damaged coil.

If you don't feel comfortable doing the job yourself you can send the key in. I do BMW Key Fob repair. Keys that are already cut open will cost more! I have started a Key Fob Wall of Shame web page with pictures of keys I've received in bad shape.

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