Resetting BMW E46 moonroof

After changing the battery on the BMW E46 the moonroof might not work properly.

There is an easy 1 step procedure for resetting the moonroof module.

1. Press the moonroof button straight up for about 15-20 seconds and then release. There should be a quick buzz-buzz sound when it resets.

1. Turn your ignition to on but do not start the engine, AC position

2. Hit the button and hold it in retract position, the sunroof will go back now, once its there keep holding the button back for about 20-30 seconds.

3. Next push the button forward while holding it the whole way, the sunroof will go forward, once its there keep holding it forward until the sunroof goes up to the vent position.

4. Now depress the button to lift the sunroof (I know its already up,) hold for approximately 20~30 seconds until it goes up one more level.

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