BMW General Module 4 or GM4
Last Updated: February 1, 2019

GM4 Part numbers:
61.35-8 353 095 GMIV (from 95 318i 4-dr, 95 325iC convertible, 94 318iC convertible)
61.35-8 360 060 Grundmodul IV/GMIV-LOW 12V (from 95 M3 2-dr, 98 318i 2-dr)
61.35-8 360 149 GMIV HIGH UTA
61.35-8 364 150 GMIV LOW UTA
61.35-8 369 482 GMIV 12V
61.35-8 369 484 GM IV HIGH 12V UTA (from 98 M3 4-dr, 95 318i)
61.35-8 369 485 GM IV LOW UTA (from 96 328is coupe, 96 M3 2-dr, 97 318is, 97 M3 2-dr, 97, 98 Z3 convertible)
61.35-8 387 531 GM IV LOW 12V (from 99 Z3)

The BMW GM4 is used on the E36 3-series from model year 1994 until the end of production. Also used on the Z3 coupe and roadsters from model year 1997 until end of production. One thing I saw said these modules where made by Hella, but, I think mine is made by UTA (United Technologies Automotive).

What does the GM4 module do? It controls interior lighting, central locking (door locks, trunk and fuel filler door), door lock heater, power windows and power sunroof.

The GM4 is located behind the glovebox above the Relay Module 4 (RMIV) and Washer/Wiper Module.

This module uses 5 relays. Two of them are the familar V23078-C1002-A303 relays, available here, that are also use on the BMW GM5 and some GM3 modules. The other three relays are V23072-C1061-A303, available here. These are also used in some early BMW GM3 modules.

I have arbitrarily numbered the relays in the picture below. Relays 1 & 2 are V23078-C1002-A303. RLY1 is for the front driver side window. RLY 2 is for the front passenger side window. Relays RLY3, 4 and 5 are V23072-C1061-A303 and are used together to control the door locks. For rear window control the GM4 connects to the Relay Module 4 or RMIV. This module contains a pair of V23078-C1002-A303 relays as well.

I do quite a bit of repair work on the BMW GM3 and GM5 modules, but, very very little work on the GM4. By the lack of repair requests that I get I assume that this module is pretty darn reliable. If you have a GM4 that is bad and in need of repair contact me with the symptoms. I might be able to repair it. My contact info is here.

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V23072-C1061-A303 Relays Diagram

V23078-C1002-A303 Relays Diagram

V23084-C2001-A303 Relays Diagram

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