BMW GM3 Module 3 Repair
Feburary 1, 2019

The BMW GM III is used on several cars such as the E38 7-series 1995-2001, E39 5-series 1995-2003 and the E53 X5 1999-2006 series.

There are two main problems with the GM III module that I deal with:

Problem #1 If you have an E39, 5-series or E53, X5 and have the problem where the door locks don't work from the key fob remote & central locking button, but, do work when the key is inserted in the door keyhole and the interior lights don't work then I can repair it. Most info can be found on this page GM3 Repair Service

Problem #2 If you have a model year 2004-2006 E53, X5 with intermittent problems with the rear door locks, bottom tailgate release, trunk soft close and on some cars problems with the power steering at low speeds. Often the ZKE module will have fault codes 0x51, 0x53, 0x55 (decimal 81, 83 and 85) and often a handful of other codes. More info can be found on this page GM3 Repair Service.

If you don't have the symptoms above then I may still be able to repair your GM3. Contact me and tell me your symptoms. You can contact me at or call me 310-283-4273 (DO NOT text me). I'm in Los Angeles so east coast people please don't call too early. If I do not answer then send me an email.

How to remove the GM3 from the car
The GM3 is located behind the glove box.
E38 7-series Removal Instructions Bimmerboard forum post <E38 removal instructions>,
E39 5-series GM3 Removal Instructions
E53 X5 GM3 Removal Instructions

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