BMW GM II / General Module 2

As far as I know BMW used the GM II on the E31, 8-series 1989-1999. This module connects to the RM1 relay module. I am still trying to researching the GM2. This module does not contain any relays, but, it does contain the relay drivers. The relays are located in the A5, Relay Module. Not sure why they did that! Maybe to keep the size of the GM2 small. A little tid bit, according to Wikipedia only 7232 8-series were sent to the US and Canada in the 11 years of production.

The GM II in the pictures below are from an 1997 840ci which a customer sent me to look at. It apparently is responsible for a current drain which depletes the cars battery in a couple of days or less. The BMW part number of this module is 61.35 6 957 038. This part number seems to still be available from ECS Tuning stock # 169162 for $424.56 (ouch) and from Tischer BMW for $354 via their parts web site

Other part numbers include 61.35-1 383 410

BMW General Module III (GM3)

BMW General Module IV (GM4)

BMW General Module V (GM5)



BMW PM Module

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