Tyco V23084-C2001-A303 Relay

These relays are used in almost all GM5 modules found in the E46 3-series (except in some late 2004 and later cars). Two relays used for the power door locks and should be replaced in pairs. Two relays are used for the rear windows, one per window.

It is also used on some of the E46 memory seat modules like the 52.10-7 019 255 which can be found in 2002 and later convertibles with the memory seat option. Not sure which other cars use this module. The memory seat module uses 4 of these relays.

The front window relays, V23078-C1002-A303, are even harder to get out than the door lock relays. The old relays need to be removed by someone who is skilled at desoldering.

Repair Service

Remember I offer a repair service where I will verify that door lock faults are stored in the GM5 module and then repair the module.

Learn more about my Relay Replacement Service

If you are in the Los Angeles area you can drive up and I will do everything. This includes removal of the GM5 module from your car, replacement of the door lock relays and installation. To learn more, follow the link above.

Other relays commonly used in BMW modules

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