Looking for the V23072-C1061-A309 relay used in the BMW GM3 module?

$16 each including shipping within the US
or $18 each including shipping outside the US

These are the relays used to control the rear door lock actuators and rear hatch release in cars that use the GM III (ZKE III) module. The GM III is used in the E39 (5-series) and the E52 (X5).


Ordering Relays

What to do next?
If you want to send in your GM III for repair let me know. Contact me via email at scott@bmwgm5.com or call me at 310-283-4273 (do not text me) to check my schedule and arrange the repair. Payment should be made in advance via PayPal to account scott@bmwgm5.com or by money order shipped with the module. When you email or call I will give you the address to ship it to and let you know my schedule so that your module doesn't sit around while I'm on a business trip or on vacation or something.

If you don't feel comfortable sending a stranger money and your module you can deal with me in the eBay arena. I keep an auction going for a pair of relays. You can find me by searching for my user ID: BMWGM5. This way if you are unhappy you have a forum to let others know of your experience and petition to get your money back. Going through eBay does cost a bit more though. The higher cost is to offset the ever increasing eBay fees.

I want to do it myself and just need the relays.
I will sell them to you, but, I don't recommend doing this job yourself unless you are a competant solderer. The relays are very hard to get out due to the large copper area on the component side of the board and the use of lead free solder which has a higher melting point than the old tin-lead solder. Forget about trying to use solder wick. This is not an easy job and you risk damaging the board, plated through holes and having to replace the entire module at significant expense. With that said, the relays are $16 each with free shipping within the US and $18 each for shipping to anywhere else in the world. Payment via PayPal is prefered. My account is scott@bmwgm5.com. Again you can go through my eBay auction if you don't feel comfortable dealing with me directly. My User ID is BMWGM5.

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