Tyco V23084-C2001-A403 Relay
Only $15 each plus $3 shipping within the US or $6 shipping outside the US. Shipping is per order, not per item. Very recent 39th week of 2013 date code.

This relay is used in the Mercedes Benz C-class, CLK driver and passenger side seat modules. It can also be found in some BMW general module 5s. I've seen it in GM5 P/N 6907663 date code 4th and 5th week of 2001. In the BMW GM5 module I suspect that Delphi had trouble getting the -A303 relays from Tyco in time and rather than stop production of BMW's largest volume product, it installed the -A403 relays instead until the correct relay came in. In this application the relays would failure sooner, but, since BMW probably wouldn't notice for some time it was okay.

Ordering Relays

Ok, with that said, there are two ways to purchase relays from me.

1) You can use PayPal and send me $15 for each relay plus $3 shipping within the US or plus $6 shipping to anywhere else in the world. Shipping is per order, not per item. My PayPal account is my email address, scott@bmwgm5.com. In the notes section mention the quantity and V23084-C2001-A403 relay.

2) You can find me on eBay selling relays. Search for my user ID is BMWGM5. This way if you are unhappy you have a forum to let others know of your experience. The prices on eBay are highier to offset the eBay fees that I need to pay.

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