Tyco V23086-C1001-A403

Looking for the V23086-C1001-A403 relay?

This relay is used in the newer BMW GM3 modules, mainly used in the E53 X5 and late model E39 5-series.

$10.40 each.
Shipping is $2.50 within the US or $6.50 for shipping if you are outside the US.

For a little bit more you can purchase from me via my eBay auctions.
V23086-C1001-A403 eBay Auction

One of my customers told me that this relay is also used in his 2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible for the fuel pump. He created a nice web page on how to diagnose and replace the fuel pump relay on his web site hypoxic.

This relay is used in some GM III modules which mainly includes the E53 X5.
Below is a picture of a BMW GM III module from an E53 X5 that uses this relay

Ordering Relays

What to do next?
If you want to send in your GM III for repair let me know. Contact me via email at scott@bmwgm5.com or call me at 310-283-4273 (DO NOT text me) to check my schedule and arrange the repair. Payment should be made in advance via PayPal to account scott@bmwgm5.com or by money order shipped with the module. When you email or call I will give you the address to ship it to and let you know my schedule so that your module doesn't sit around while I'm on vacation or something. The most common problem with the GM III module is discussed here.

I want to do it myself and just need the relays.
I will sell them to you, but, I don't recommend doing this job yourself unless you are a competant electronics tech. The relays are very hard to get out due to the large copper area on the component side of the board. Forget about trying to use solder wick, it is not able to get the solder out of the hole. This is not an easy job and you risk damaging the PC board, plated through holes and having to replace the entire module at significant expense. With that said, the relays are $10.40 each plus $2.50 for shipping within the US or $6.50 for shipping if you are outside the US. Payment via PayPal is prefered. My account is scottcjohnson@gmail.com.

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