GM5 Door Lock Repair Service

Here is a list of BMWs that use the GM5 module: E46 3-series (1998-2005), E52 Z8 (1999-2003), E83 X3 (2004-2010) and E85 Z4 (2002-2008). If your car is not on this list then it does not have a GM5 module.

Last update January 2023

People are always asking me if I'm still doing repair. Yes, I am still doing module repairs. If at some point I stop, I will update this web page.

I have added a Testimonials web page. These are links to forum posts about me or emails from people who have used my repair service. They are directly copied from their emails with all the grammar and spelling mistakes left in.

Ok, for my repair service, this is how it works. First I need to determine if you even have a GM5 door lock problem or if it's an actuator problem. I do not want to take your module in for repair if it's not the problem or it's a problem I can't fix. This is a waste of your money and doesn't help my reputation. The first step is to:
Send an email to or call me at 310-283-4273 (DO NOT text me), if I don't answer then send me an email. I'm in Los Angeles so please don't call me too early in the morning. When you email me or call I'm going to want to know the following information.
1) I don't care what transmission it has, how many miles or the VIN. Just tell me the cars model year (1999, 2000, 2001, etc.), model (323i, 325i, 328i, 330i, etc.) and body style (sedan, wagon, coupe or convertible).
2) Briefly describe the problem you are having with the module. Which door or window is failing. Include details like problem is intermittently doesn't unlock with the key fob or the center console button. Seems to be worse on hot or cold days. Let me know if the fuel filler stays locked with the doors. Let me know if you've already replaced a door lock actuator. You don't need to tell me about things that do work. I don't care if the wipers, windows and trunk release work just fine. Just tell me what doesn't work.
3) You may have noticed that I haven't posted my address anywhere. This is so no one can send in modules without first contacting me. Once I determine that the GM5 is in need of repair I'll give you instructions on how to get my address. Payment is to be made by money order, cashier's check (made out to Scott Johnson) or cash. Include payment with the module. If you are an auto shop I will accept a company check, but, no personal checks. Payment can also be made via PayPal to my account for PayPal Add $10 to repair cost. PayPal payment should be made before I receive your module otherwise your repair job may be delayed while I wait for payment. Cost of repair is listed below.
4) When you receive the repaired module back, you just need to reinstall it. No need for reprogramming or coding. No need to visit the dealer.

I get asked all the time if the car will be usable while the GM5 module is out of the car. Yes, the car will run and drive just fine without the GM5 module. A few things won't work like the windshield wiper (use a product called Rain-X on the windshield if you expect rain), windows, door locks, interior lights, trunk release, but, nothing to do with the engine, transmission, steering, brakes, headlights or turn signals. For a more complete list of what won't work and other frequently asked questions please have a look at my GM5 FAQ Page.

GM5 Door Lock Repair, Front Window Repair or Rear Window Repair
Repair w/Priority
mail return shipping
Repair w/Express mail return shipping
Within the US (Add $10 if paying by PayPal)
Outside the US
$145 USD
$170 USD
Drive Up Service


With Repair w/Priority mail return shipping, modules are repaired and shipped out within 24 hours of receiving it. Return shipping is via USPS Priority Mail (approx 2-3 days within the US and 6-10 days outside the US).

With Repair w/Express mail return shipping, modules are repaired and sent out the same day if possible. Return shipping is via USPS Express Mail (usually delivered overnight within the US and in about 5-6 days outside the US).

Drive Up Service is where you schedule an appointment with me and you drive your car over to my place in Torrance (approx 17 miles south of downtown LA). While you wait I will remove the GM5 module from your car, repair your module, reinstall the module back in your car and put everything back together. You won't have to get dirty at all. This takes about 45 minutes to complete. With drive up service evenings and weekends are fine. Just contact me with what time you would like to come over and I'll let you know if that time works for me.

Once I have reviewed your information I will try and determine if GM5 Repair service is right for you. In some cases, like when only 1 door of a 2dr coupe is having problems, I may not be able to determine beyond a reasonable doubt what the cause is. If it sounds to me like a GM5 problem I will then give you my address of where to ship the module for repair.

Payment should be made via a money order or cashier's check (made out to Scott Johnson), cash shipped with the module or via PayPal ($10 if paying by PayPal) to Repair shops can pay with company check, but, no personal checks. Also when using in PayPal do not use eCheck as this takes 7-10 days to clear and will delay the repair.

Packing and shipping the module. The post office has free boxes available is shipping via Priority Mail or Express Mail. One of my favorites is the 13.5" x 11.5" x 2.5" box that is available in Priority Mail and Express Mail versions. There is also the Priority Mail Small Flat Rate box which is just big enough for the most GM5 modules (not for Z4 GM5 modules) plus 1 layers of bubble wrap. It's a little snug, but, I haven't had any problems yet. Cost to ship using the Small Flat Rate box is only $7.20. This is one of the most economical ways to ship it.

Notes on shipping the module in. Do not remove the board from the white module casing. Send it in an antistatic bag if you have one, otherwise use a paper bag or newspaper (inherently anti-static). Do No wrap it in plastic that isn't anti-static. You can ship the module to me via any means you wish, USPS, FedEx or UPS. I don't care, they will all get to me.

One of the best ways to send it is Priority mail through the post office. They provide a "Small Flat Rate Box" for free and it ships for only $7.90 (not for Z4 modules). It's about the size of a VHS video cassette and the module fits inside with just a little bit of space on all size. Wrap it in a layer of bubble wrap or just fill the empty space with a few pieces of wadded up paper. Adding delivery confirmation costs $0.70 extra. Please do not add signature confirmation. The SFR box fits in my locked mail box and will be delivered even if there is no one around to sign. For faster shipping use Express mail through the post office. It will be delivered next day by 3pm (if it's dropped off at your post office before their deadline). Shipping cost is only $25.70 when using the Express mail Flat Rate Envelopes. Throw it in the Express mail flat rate envelope (Letter size or Legal size $0.20 extra).

Be sure to put a note in with the module with the address you want the module shipped back to and a brief description of what the problem is. Please print clearly. If you want a tracking number for the return ship, please put your email address on the note.

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