BMW General Module 5 Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated Feburary 1, 2019

I keep getting the same questions over and over again even though they are answered on my web site in several places. Maybe putting the answer to frequently asked questions in one place will help.

#1 Are you still doing GM5 repairs?
YES, Yes, yes, I am still doing GM5 repairs. Repair costs and turn around times can be found on this web page GM5_Repair_Service

#2 Will my car work without the general module?
Yes, the car will still run and drive fine without the general module, unless you have SMG transmission. cars with SMG transmission will not start. Other than that you will loose a few things like power windows, power door locks, remote keyless entry, remote trunk release, trunk release switch (the key will still work in the keyhole) interior lights, windshield wipers, windshield washers and alarm. Other than that you probably won't even notice the module is missing.

#3 How do I remove the GM5 module?
I have created a GM5 removal instruction web page which applies to the 3-series, GM5_Removal. Or you can view a removal procedure which I found linked in an E46Fanatics forum post bmw-gm5-removal.pdf. Z4 removal instructions, Z4 GM5 Removal. Sorry I do not have removal procedure for the X3 or Z8.

#4 I want to send my GM5 in for repair, but, I can't find your address.
I did not post my address because I don't want people just sending in their modules. For one, I want to first determining if the GM5 is truely at fault or if it's something else. How pissed would you be if I charged you to replace the door lock components only to find that the exact same problem still exists. Two, I don't want modules coming in while I'm on vacation or on a business trip. There is no one else in the office qualified to work on these modules and more than half the office have electrical engineering degrees. Without someone there, your module would just sit in the box or if it's too big on the porch. The procedure for obtaining my GM5 repair service is to contact me via email at and tell me your cars model year, # doors, body style and a description of your problem including which door(s) fail and if it's unlocking, locking or both? Is it worse when the cars interior is hot or cold? Does the fuel filler door fail to unlock? I really don't care if the trunk release works so you can skip that one. After I determine that it is or could be the GM5 causing your door lock problems I will send you my shipping address.

#5 How much is your repair service?
I have a web page dedicated to this. It covers both mail in service as well as drive up service and international service. GM5_Repair_Service.

#6 How can I pay?
Cash, money order, cashiers check shipped with the module. I accept PayPal ($10 extra charge), my account is A company check is okay if you are a repair shop,but, no personal checks.

#7 What is your turn around time for repairs?
Turn around times depend how much you pay.
Priority Service: I will do the required repair service within 24 hours and ship it back via Priority mail, which usually takes 2-3 days within the US.
Express Service: I will do the required repair service the same day and ship it back via Express mail which usually is next day within the US, but, some areas it's 2nd day.

#8 Does my GM5 need to be reprogrammed after your service?
No it doesn't. That's another way my service can save you another $140 since a new uncoded module will require programming to get it to work in your car at the cost of 1 hour labor. No need to pay a visit to your dealer. When you get the module back from me all you need to do is plug it in and you're done.

#9 Are you an auto mechanic? Can I ask you about other problems with my car?
I am not an auto mechanic. I do not work on cars. I am an electrical engineer who designs solid state memory systems. I got into the whole GM5 door lock problem by accident, my car is an 1999 323i, well you get the picture. You can ask me about other problems with your car, but, you are most likely going to get, "I don't know", as my answer or, "Hmmm, that's not good, you should take it in to somebody to have it looked at." Don't get me wrong. I don't mind hearing your problems. Sometimes I can help, but, other times I'm as clueless as you.

#10 Where is my GM5 module located?
In the E46, 3-series it is located behind the glove box regardless of body style <Picture>. In the Z8 is it located next to the CD Changer <Picture>. On the Z4 is it located behind the glove box, but, exact position varies slightly depending on if the car is left hand drive or right hand driver <LHD Picture> <RHD Picture>. On the E83, X3 it is located behind the glove box <Picture>.

#11 The module sounds like there is something loose inside when I shake it. Is this a sign of a bad module?
No, the rattle you hear is completely normal!


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